Academic Affairs Overview

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) supports the Office of the Dean by ensuring excellence in student and faculty success and engagement. To accomplish this, the OAA works closely with the Office of Student Services (OSS), the Office of Assessment, Planning and Evaluation, the Office of Experiential Training (OET), and various University offices to advance the mission of the College. Additionally, the OAA provides oversight to the Teaching, Enrichment, Advising, and Mentoring (TEAM) Center, Interdisciplinary Health Professions Simulation Center and the Office of Clinical and Administrative Services (OCAS) and guidance to the three (3) Academic Departments that provide instruction for the eight degree programs within the College. Hallmarks of this office are transparency, timeliness, and accuracy in its responsiveness to stakeholders’ needs and its ability to serve as an information resource for faculty and students. To achieve its goal of student and faculty success and engagement, the OAA does the following:

  • Coordinates academic programs, planning and review;
  • Advises students with academic challenges and grievances;
  • Assesses and manages curricular updates through the University;
  • Monitors accreditation reporting needs;
  • Oversees the COPHS committee structure and faculty/staff assignments;
  • Works with the University registrar to provide academic updates;
  • Reviews and approves academic documents for students;
  • Monitors student success and faculty management; and
  • Coordinates reporting, policies and correspondence updates.


Dr. Cyril Abobo, PharmD
Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Montrell Releford, MA
Program Coordinator, PharmD Academic Affairs
Gray Hall, 241