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TSU journalists are prepared for the multi-media digital worlds of journalism, public relations and business.

Studying journalism at Texas Southern University is a hands-on task. Our students in print, broadcast and public relations learn by doing from a team of dedicated teachers who combine professional experience with academic rigor. As the digital revolution continues, students must learn how to write and edit, create websites, write headlines, shoot and edit video and manage social media campaigns. They must learn how to report and how to persuade and put it all together in an elegant package.

Our students have gone on to work at broadcast stations, newspapers, and corporations. Some of them run their own businesses, channeling the entrepreneurial spirit that is the heart of journalism.

Students pursuing a degree in Journalism may select from three specialties:

  • Print Journalism (minor required)
  • Advertising-Public relations (minor required)
  • Broadcast Journalism (no minor required)


Introduction to Journalism (JOUR 130)  Close

Introduction to Journalism

Survey of history, theory, aesthetics, and economics of print media; special emphasis is placed on the development of electronic news operation. Three hours of lecture per week.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrently with ENG 131 or ENG 132

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to Reporting (JOUR 132)  Open
Introduction to Broadcast News (JOUR 133)  Open
Introduction to Advertising (JOUR 232)  Open
Introduction to Public Relations (JOUR 234)  Open
Online Journalism I (JOUR 235)  Open
Intermediate Reporting (JOUR 238)  Open
Intermediate Broadcast News (JOUR 242)  Open
The Black Press (JOUR 251)  Open
News Editing I (JOUR 253)  Open
Law and Ethics of Journalism (JOUR 331)  Open
Advanced Reporting (JOUR 332)  Open
Newspaper Design (JOUR 333)  Open
Computer Assisted Reporting (JOUR 335)  Open
Advertising and PR Campaigns (JOUR 356)  Open
Independent Study (JOUR 430)  Open
Community News Operations (JOUR 431)  Open
Public Affairs Reporting (JOUR 433)  Open
Public Affairs ReportingAdvanced Desktop Publishing / Multimedia Graphic Designs (JOUR 435)  Open
Feature Writing (JOUR 437)  Open
Online Journalism II (JOUR 438)  Open
Advanced Broadcast News (JOUR 443)  Open
Problems in Journalism (JOUR 450)  Open
News Editing II (JOUR 453)  Open
Media Management (JOUR 490)  Open