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Department of Communication Arts & Sciences prepares students for effective communication in the real world.

In pursuing the BA in Speech Communication, students may select from two different curriculum concentrations: (Intercultural-Interpersonal Communication or Organizational Communication). Students who are first-time degree seekers in either of the Speech Communication concentrations are required to declare a minor in a second academic discipline.


Business and Professional Communication (SC 135)  Close

Business and Professional Communication

Introduction to the basic oral communication skills needed for careers in business and the professions. Students make presentations, conduct interviews, and participate in problem-solving group discussions. Three hours of lecture per week.

Listed as SPCH 1321 in the Texas Common Course Numbering System.

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Public Address (SC 136)  Open
Voice and Diction (SC 140)  Open
Urban Rhetorical Patterns (SC 230)  Open
Interpersonal Communication (SC 232)  Open
Communication Skills for Health Professionals (SC 233)  Open
Argumentation and Debate (SC 236)  Open
Persuasion (SC 330)  Open
Group Communication Processes (SC 332)  Open
Interviewing (SC 333)  Open
Rhetorical History and Criticism (SC 335)  Open
Introduction to Organizational Communication (SC 338)  Open
Independent Study (SC 430)  Open
Nonverbal Communication (SC 431)  Open
Intercultural Communication (SC 432)  Open
Health Communication (SC 433)  Open
Principles of Leadership (SC 434)  Open
Advanced Public Address (SC 435)  Open
Organizational Structure and Communication Behavior (SC 438)  Open
Problems in Speech Communication (SC 450)  Open