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For students who want to advance either professionally or academically, the School of Communication has a course of study for you.

The Master of Arts program offers a broad array of courses that examine, analyze and pursue theoretically based research in the field of human communication, ranging from individual to mass models. It also provides the opportunity for the study and analysis of traditional and current communication media practices and applications, with strong emphasis on evolving media forms. The program is supported by a highly qualified and experienced faculty who offer diverse perspectives and skills in the art and practice of communication. Many of our graduates successfully move on to careers as scholars and educators, while others occupy positions as creative professionals and practitioners.

New master’s concentration launched this fall: Professional Communication and Digital Media

In fall 2015, the School of Communication drew 22 graduate students to its new concentration, Professional Communication and Digital Media. The concentration is aimed at young media professionals who want to improve their communication skills by completing a course of study with media professionals in digital media and storytelling. Each student will complete a professional project. This course of study is aimed at students who want to work professionally, but is also suitable for those who want to teach hands-on skills in the rapidly evolving world of digital media.

Four more concentrations are planned for the spring, 2016. For a complete list of classes and concentrations,   download the master’s concentrations document.

For further information, contact   Ms. Linda Wynn  at the dean’s office:   713-313-7740.



Courses Offered


Theory and Process of Communication (CM 533)  Open
Introduction to Graduate Research in Communication (CM 534)  Open
Advanced Communication Research Methods (CM 634)  Open
Graduate Practicum (CM 664)  Open
Research Project (Thesis) (CM 698)  Open


Seminar in Mass Communication (JOURN 531)  Open
International Communication Systems (JOURN 539)  Open
Computerized Newsroom Procedures and Practices (JOURN 542)  Open
Journalism Seminar (JOURN 550)  Open
Literature of Journalism (JOURN 571)  Open
Media Management (JOURN 590)  Open

Radio, Television and Film

Impact of Electronic Technology (RTF 538)  Open
International Media Systems (RTF 539)  Open
Problems in Electronic Media (RTF 550)  Open
Seminar in Electronic Media (RTF 561)  Open
Emerging Technologies (RTF 562)  Open
New Video Applications (RTF 563)  Open
Media Management (RTF 590)  Open

Speech Communication

History and Analysis of Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (SC 532)  Open
The Ethnography of Communication (SC 543)  Open
Seminar in Interpersonal Communication (SC 549)  Open
Problems (SC 550)  Open
Studies in Public Communication (SC 551)  Open
Organizational Communication Theories (SC 552)  Open