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anthony-ogbo Anthony Ogbo, Ph.D.
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Department of Journalism
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In academic business, colleges or advanced educational organizations are not just restricted to teaching or training students. They also bear the responsibility of developing problem-solving tools and strategies to alleviate the growing complexity of societal problems.

Over the decades, the SOC staff, faculty, and students have excelled in various creative and scholarly ventures exploring fundamental principles in areas of core disciplines. A robust research-based culture radiates a significant influence on the teaching and learning process. To the student, a strong creative culture can be an exciting educational journey — be it a simple project, academic thesis, or dissertation.

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SOC Creative Hub is an innovation platform of the School Of Communication at Texas Southern University. It is a digital web-based platform where SOC faculty members and students share innovation and creativity, displays talents, and exhibit scholarly interests. The content entails published papers, articles, news articles and special reports, Radio, Television, and Film projects, written and video documentaries, etc.

The mission is to facilitate an innovative platform that would enable students and faculty members to harness their talent and project the visibility of their work among peers and other researchers in the school or college systems.

This platform has the capability and sophistication to make our work more discoverable and academically relevant. Specifically, to students, SOC Creative Hub instills value into their work and builds their confidence as they transition from classroom to workforce. A student with an accessible robust portfolio of published work has created a path to career advancement.

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