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SOC Student Services Administration and Staff 

kevin-adams Kevin Adams, M.A.
Assistant Dean for Marketing and Student Services 
School of Communication
Phone: 713-313-7408
kimberly-taylor Kimberly Taylor, M.A.
SOC Student Services Coordinator and Adjunct Professor
School of Communication
Phone: 713-313-7670



Andrea Townson, M.A.
SOC Student Services Academic Advisor (Freshmen)

School of Communication
Phone: 713-313-4376


About the Office of Student Services

The School of Communication is committed to preparing students for careers in communication, film, entertainment/recording management, plus specializations in journalism and electronic media using state-of-the-art digital facilities to provide an excellent education for an urban diversified student population. The school prepares graduates for competitive employment or professional pursuits as professionals and leaders in local, national and international communities. To this end, the curriculum adapts quickly to constantly evolving information technology trends by blending theory with practice, and taught by dedicated student-centered faculty pursuing excellence in teaching, research and service  

Within the school, the Student Services Division houses our Student Services Center which offers scholarships, new student orientation, undergraduate advising, transfer advising, registration, retention services, internship opportunities, recruiting and graduation assistance. The Center engages students in a developmental process which helps clarify and implement individual educational plans consistent with their skills, interests, and values. Through individual appointments, group advising sessions and presentations, the professional staff, faculty advisors, and student workers help students understand the university’s academic requirements as well as its policies and procedures.   

As a result of our mission, students are better prepared to make informed decisions about their educational choices which ultimately will assist them towards a timely graduation.    


In the School of Communication, our priority is to assist students in relating their needs, values, abilities, and goals for preparation in majoring and minoring in departmental curricula for graduation and entry into the workforce and/or graduate school.

Advisors generally meet with their students at least twice during the fall and spring semesters.  The first time is normally during registration at the beginning of the semester and the second opportunity is during Advisement Week, after mid semester.  The Student Service Center is available throughout the week for advising and advisors office hours are posted.  Students are free to visit at any time or by appointment.

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