Undergraduate Degree(s) in Communication Studies:

Minor in Communication Studies:



Students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in the Department of Communication Studies first must be admitted into the university, and meet their ASSET responsibility, before meeting degree program requirements. In order to attain the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, students must select from the three curriculum concentrations: Media Studies, Organizational and Health Communication, or Rhetoric, Culture, and Performance. In the selection of concentration courses, students must meet with a designated advisor, who can assist them in the selection of major courses, general education courses (core curriculum), and electives. In all major courses, including ENGL 1301 Freshman English I and ENGL 1302 Freshman English II, grades less than “C”--including “C-”-- are not acceptable. Those courses must be repeated.

In order to receive a baccalaureate degree in Communication Studies, students must complete 120 semester hours. These must include major courses totaling 30 credit hours, concentration courses totaling 27 credit hours, general education courses (core curriculum) totaling 42 hours, and elective courses totaling 21 credit hours. In no case is an undergraduate student qualified to graduate unless he/she has completed 120 credit hours. For a student to be granted a baccalaureate degree by the Department of Communication Studies, the requirements must be met under the supervision of the major advisor.