vera-walker-hawkins Vera Walker Hawkins, Ph.D.
Interim Chairperson

Department of Journalism
Phone: 713-313-7247
Curriculum Vitae



The journalism department is dedicated to educating students to communicate information and ideas that enable people to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens in a diverse, democratic society and protect their rights and interests. To that end, the department's mission is to offer theory-based, professionally current instruction in journalism, including journalistic writing and editing for print, broadcast, and the Internet; newspaper and digital production; and public relations and advertising. 

Our curriculum provides a high-quality education for demanding communications professions; to instruct students in the mechanics of and the reasons for contemporary journalism practice; to provide high-quality academic and career counseling; to provide valuable services to journalists and other professional communicators in our region; to conduct research in journalism and mass communication; to serve society by educating enlightened, ethical, well-prepared journalists and other communicators, and to stimulate and participate in professional development and research designed to enlarge our understanding of journalism in society.

Faculty members with both professional experience and academic knowledge emphasize the fundamentals of news gathering and storytelling in the digital age. 

The skills students learn in the classroom are strengthened through their participation in KTSU2, the School of Communication's multimedia student-run digital and streaming operation.