Knowing your GPA and completion rate can help you plan for the future and help you set attainable academic goals. The following calculators provide unofficial results intended to serve as a guide. Use of these calculators may also assist students in evaluating compliance with Satisfactory Academic Progress, which is used in determining financial aid eligibility. Please contact the Registrar's Office with questions related to official GPA and academic standing. Questions regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

GPA Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your cumulative and semester GPA based on your expected semester course grades.

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Disclaimer: This calculator does not consider possible repeat course exclusions for GPA calculations. Review the university catalog for more information on repeating courses.


Completion Rate Calculator

Calculate your completion rate or the number of credits required to reach a particular completion rate. Remember, Satisfactory Academic Progress requires students maintain a completion rate of 67% or higher to remain eligible for financial assistance.

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