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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test at TST-University Testing Center (UTC), even if I am not a TSU student?  Open
Where is the Testing Center located?  Open
I am an out-of-town/first-time freshman/transfer/new student: Do I have to make a special trip to TSU, in order to take the placement test?  Open
Is the iBT THEA exam given at TSU?  Open
Does TSU offer the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Computer-Based exams?  Open
Is the GED®Test given at TSU?  Open
Are CLEP exams offered at TSU?  Open
Can I take the CLEP exam, even though I am not a TSU student?  Open
What CLEP subjects are offered at TSU?  Open
I have a TEST-HOLD, TASP-HOLD, what do I need to do to have this hold released?  Open
Where do I park if I have scheduled an exam at the University Testing Center?  Open