General Overview

What is Degree Works?  Open
What is a degree audit?  Open
How does Degree Works prepare a degree audit?  Open
How current is the information in Degree Works?  Open
May I access Degree Works on any computer?  Open
Are grades visible in Degree Works?  Open
What does the "@" sign mean in Degree Works?  Open
Is the information in Degree Works confidential?  Open


How does Degree Works benefit students?  Open
When should students use Degree Works?  Open
May I use the Degree Works audit as an official transcript?  Open
My major in Degree Works is not correct, How may I update it properly?  Open
I didn't know I needed to declare a minor, How may I update the information?  Open
I believe some of my academic information is incorrect, what do I do?  Open
What if some of my classes are not in the correct block in Degree Works?  Open
Degree Works indicates I am 100% complete, does this mean I am cleared for graduation?  Open
I have been cleared for gradation by my department and the Registrar's Office, but Degree Works still shows some areas as incomplete. Does this mean I cannot graduate?  Open
May I register for classes in Degree Works?  Open
Am I able to see how many classes I have left to complete my degree requirements?  Open
I am a dual-major student and only one major appears in Degree Works. How do I review the audit for my second major?  Open
If I am thinking about changing my major, can Degree Works show me where I would stand with my course work under a new major?  Open
If I do not see my catalogue year available, am I still able to see a degree audit?  Open
Am I able to change my major in Degree Works myself?  Open

Academic Advisors

How does Degree Works benefit academic advisors?  Open
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