The Blended Gift and the Power of Leverage

It is easy to contribute to your class endowment or even create your own endowment through the power of a "blended gift." By combining an outright contribution with a planned gift, such as a charitable bequest in your will, you can "leverage" your giving.

This allows you the opportunity of creating an endowment now (in your name or in honor or memory of a loved one) and experiencing the joy of witnessing how it benefits others during your lifetime. In fact, with proper planning, you can even leverage your gift up to "three" times your original contribution.

For example: You wish to currently create a scholarship endowment for $20,000. You can initiate its funding with an outright gift of $10,000 or by signing a four year pledge to give $2,500 a year over four years.

  1. Leverage One: Document that you have provided for the scholarship endowment in your bequest (or other planned gift) for the remaining $10,000. Your notification will entitle you to an invitation to join the Heman Sweatt Legacy Society.
  2. Leverage Two: Participate in your company’s matching gift program. These are grants your employer makes to match your charitable contribution. By taking advantage of your company's matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of a contribution.
  3. Leverage Three: For as long as the University has access to its matching pool of funds, your endowment gift will be matched dollar for dollar by TSU (after your $10,000 gift is paid outright or your pledge is completed in four years)


Then, you can enjoy the benefits of creating an endowment during your lifetime, which honors your family or a loved one.

Please contact Louis Edwards at 713-313-6747 or Jeffrey Shaw at 713-313-4257 for more information on this powerful way to realize your charitable gift intentions.