Harrison Richmond

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2019

Graduate Student Gains Rich Experience with ABC (Harrison Richmond)

Harrison Richmond is a Graduate Student from Houston majoring in Professional Communication & Digital Media. He is also a Student Runner for American Broadcast Company Democratic Candidates Debate, which will be held on the campus of Texas Southern University.

The three-week internship includes him gathering all of the main leads’ needs in the city. He and his fellow runners are in charge of feeding the crewing for the first week via booking and scheduling meals. As a student, he is looking to gain a rich contact list and see how a major production is put together from beginning to end.

Richmond applied for the internship because he wants to get experience interning with one of the largest media companies in the world. This experience is something that he says he has been preparing for the throughout his time at the university by studying the entertainment/media industry. He also says the opportunity to place this experience on his resume will help him get his foot in the door at different places.

“I know how rich the networking experience would be,” said Richmond. “I understand this is one of their major productions so I expect to rub shoulders with nothing short of their greats.”

He said it means the world and is honored to represent TSU as a student intern. “ABC News has said this is one of the largest events to take place since the last presidential election,” said Richmond, “Now, they have come to our beloved university to hold this event.”

Richmond said to be selected as an intern out of the many who applied is unbelievable. “I am so thankful to all those who took part in forwarding this opportunity to us and I hope to make the university proud.”

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