The Ocean Of Soul Marching Band Female Auxiliary Squads Audition

  • In-Person Dates (Tentative): April 24 -25, 2021.
  • If the University implements safety measures due to the current Pandemic, all auditions will transition to Virtual and Video Submission.
    The first round Video Submission Dates: May 24 to 26, 2021.

General Requirements

  • Incoming Freshmen, Transfer, and Returning Female Students.
  • Current and Transfer Candidate's semester and cumulative grade point average must be 2.0 or higher.
  • Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Candidates must be admitted or have a pending admissions application with the University by May 31, 2021, for Fall 2021 enrollment.
  • Returning squad members must re-audition and are not guaranteed a spot on the squad. Returning squad members are expected to perform with the highest level of performance techniques. Returning squad members previous squad commitment, attitude, attendance, and ability to follow rules and procedures will affect audition eligibility.

Audition Requirements

  • Required Dance Skills for Motion Squad. Required Dance and Baton Twirling Skills for Platinum Girls Squad. Required Dance and Flag Twirling Skills for Wave Squad.
  • Must be Physically Fit with Flexibility.
  • Possess: Technique Skills, Showmanship, Energy and Stamina, Memorization, Poise, Photogenic Quality, Enthusiasm, and Style.
  • Note: Experience in a Marching Band Auxiliary is highly recommended.

Mandatory Audition Attire

Black Sports Bra or Fitted Crop Top, Black Dance Shorts, Skin Tone Shimmer Tights, Dance Shoes, or Sneakers. All body piercing studs, nose, tongue, and belly button earrings must be removed. All tattoos must be covered with make-up (no exception). Face make-up should highlight skin tone. Hairstyles should not hide the face.

Registration Confirmation

Candidates will receive an email confirming the receipt of their online application and audition information. If an email response is not received within three days after you submit an application, please contact the Auxiliary Coordinator @ 713-313-7336 or email