Broad Support From Texas Southern University Constituencies

The TSU QEP has been designed to impact the development of the “whole student.” Research related to student academic success led us to conclude that issues and challenges faced by TSU students go well beyond the academic arena.

TSU students not only face academic challenges, many also have personal, social, and financial issues that have consequences for their academic success. Generally, the University has developed programs or implemented institutional practices designed to address many of these student issues. However, our research has indicated that these activities generally operate in isolation; creating gaps in knowledge and/or access to services that should otherwise be readily available.

Accordingly, critical to the success of the QEP effort is cooperation as well as coordination across all institutional components related to the development of students at TSU. Only then can we reasonable expect to significantly impact student academic success. Such a strategy requires a University wide commitment to the QEP effort.

Accordingly, the Executive Committee continuously involved and updated the various University constituencies on every phase of the project. These activities were intended to not only inform, but to also obtain input and commitment in regards to the attainment of student academic success.

University Wide Support

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