5-Step Process for Accessing Accommodations Services

Step 1: Be a Tiger!

All students requesting accommodation services must be an officially enrolled TSU student.

Step 2: Complete a Service Inquiry Packet

Students requesting accommodation services must complete and submit a completed application including verifiable disability specific documentation from a licensed professional.

Step 3: Submit Authentic Documentation

Please refer to Documentation Guidelines for details.

Step 4: Complete an Intake Assessment

This is an interactive process that allows students to identify academic challenges, barriers and/or needs associated with the disability type. The student's application, documentation and intake are collectively used to develop a comprehensive Accommodation Plan.

Step 5: Complete the Accommodation Plan Review Meeting

Students review and accept the Accommodation Plan. Accommodation letters are generated for all indicated course(s) and electronically sent to the student and each Instructor of record.

NOTE: This process may take two-to-three weeks after receipt of the student's completed service packet. Incomplete service packets may delay the process.

SASO registered students must complete the following steps

After electronically receiving the Accommodation Letter students must:

  1. Schedule a meeting with each Instructor to discuss and establish a clear understanding of how the approved accommodations will be provided.
  2. At that end of the meeting, each person signs the letter to confirm and acknowledge the agreement.
  3. Return one signed letter per course to the office for recording and advocacy purposes.

NOTE: Approved accommodations may NOT be in place and/or warranted:

  1. If students do not meet with their Instructor(s).
  2. If there is no established plan between the Student and the Instructor on how to provide the approved accommodations.
  3. If the accommodation letter are not signed by both the Student and the Instructor.

NOTE: Accommodation services are not retroactive. Meaning the approved accommodations begin when the letter are signed by both the Student and Instructor acknowledging and confirming the written agreement (i.e., Accommodation Letter).

For more information, contact the office in person, phone or email.