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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of English at Texas Southern University.

Mark Twain once said there are only two really important days in each person’s life. The first is the day you were born. The second critical day can be discovered through your study of literature—the reason you were born in the first place.
You will discover enrichment in our department, including academic achievement, teacher-student mentoring support, advising, and friendship among students. Our English majors, graduate students, and faculty comprise a success-oriented academic community. Our faculty enjoys sharing their knowledge and intellectual passion with students. At TSU you can gain an understanding of African American Literature, American and British Literature, Dramatic Literature, Literary Theory, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing.
Our graduates go on to become highly successful professionals in many areas. These meaningful roles include teaching, law, graduate school, editors, published writers, and many other professional pursuits.
I invite you to become a part of our successful department.
We strive to help our students succeed.

Iris Lancaster 
Ph.D., Interim Chair


The mission of the Department of English is to teach literature and language arts at the core curriculum level for all undergraduates and at the baccalaureate level for majors and minors. Through its extensive list of courses and programs, the Department of English aims to equip students to succeed in academic endeavors in college as well as in graduate and professional schools and to prepare them to assume successful and responsible roles in society.