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How to Register for the ACT-R?

Registration for the ACT-R Test is conducted by calling, visiting, or emailing the University Testing Center, located in the basement of the College of Education Building, Room 7. Each examinee must first pay the examination fee payable to the Testing Center then; an admission ticket will be issued to each candidate to assure you have a seat for the ACT-R Examination.


Eligibility for Students — ACT Residual Testing is conducted on the campus of Texas Southern University for students who: 1) have applied, 2) have been admitted, or 3) are enrolled at TSU. Students who do not intend to attend Texas Southern University must not take the ACT Residual Testing on our campus.


The ACT Residual (ACT-R) is administered once a month on the campus of TSU. The 2017-2018 ACT Residual Testing year runs November 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.


Scores from residual testing are valid only at Texas Southern University and cannot be transferred by transcript or other means to any other institution or agency. Scores from residual testing are reported only to the college administering the test. No Student Reports and no High School Reports are generated. No Additional Score Reports will be generated to report scores to any other institution.


A minimum of 60 days must elapse before another ACT Residual Test may be taken. Scores achieved before the minimum elapsed time will be cancelled without refund. ACT restricts the number of times a student may take the ACT to 12 times total. ACT Residual Testing does count toward that maximum. Scores that exceed the maximum will be canceled without refund.



Test Details

FEE The total cost for the test is $55.00 payable to Texas Southern University at the time of registration by check, money order, or credit card. Cash payment is acceptable only at the Bursar's Office located in the Basement of the Bell Building; you will need to obtain an invoice from testing prior to making a cash payment to the Bursar’s office. The fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
IDENTIFICATION A government issued UNEXPIRED ID with a recognizable photograph, signature, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or Passport. Please PRINT a copy of your payment receipt.
TIME DURATION The ACT-R Test is a 3 ½ hour exam without writing and 4 ½ hours is required with the writing.
TEST RESULTS Test results will be sent directly to the Office of Admissions within 5-7 business days. Student will NOT receive a copy of the score.
RESCHEDULING If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment and wish to reschedule, you must contact the Testing Center before your test date to set another date for your examination.
TEST LOCATION Roderick R. Paige Education Building, Basement level, Room 007