Political Science

Emergency Mgmt. and Homeland Security

The program provides students with a broad range of administrative skills and knowledge needed to meet the critical needs of emergency managers and administrators. The mission of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security program is to create graduates with extensive theoretical and applied knowledge in emergency management and disaster research….

Executive Master of Public Administraion

The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy of Administration of Justice (PhD AJ) is to prepare individuals for (1) leadership and managerial positions in justice agencies; (2) faculty positions in higher education that require advanced knowledge of theory, administration, research, and data analysis; and (3) research positions in private and public research institutions specializing….

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program has as its purpose the preparation of professionals for immediate upward mobility in professional careers in public sectors or for graduate study where the nature of the profession requires the master’s degree as the entry criterion. Its greatest single asset lies in its potential to alleviate the shortage of professionally educated persons, especially….

Political Science (B.A.)

The mission of the Department of Political Science is to develop general competencies in students that will allow them to continue their education in either graduate or professional schools upon completion of their undergraduate studies. Political Science courses are designed to stimulate students to be better citizens through an understanding of the working of the American and other….

Public Affairs (B.S.)

The mission of the Public Affairs program is to prepare students for professional public sector positions as well as prepare them for graduate education in Public Administration and other related academic disciplines. Public Affairs is a multi-disciplinary course of study which prepares students for leadership roles in local, state, national or international agencies of government….


LSAT Prep Application

TSU POLS LSATPrep Application